Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State. It is also the judicial capital of the South African nation. In South Africa there are three national capitals, the legislative capital in Cape Town and the administrative capital in Pretoria. Bloemfontein is translated to the ‘blooming fountain’ or the ‘fountain of flowers’. Bloemfontein is also the seventh largest city in South Africa, the biggest being Johannesburg.

Bloemfontein hosts many well known places. Including the Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa, the Franklin Game Reserve, Naval Hill, the Maselspoort Resort and the Sand du Plessis Theatre. Also many important museums. Bloemfontein is not as scenic place in natural beauty in the Free State, but for what it lags in beauty, it makes up for in knowledge. Fro people who love knowledge then this is a perfect spot for you! Bloemfontein was the first place in South Africa to build a planetarium, which is based on Naval Hill. However Bloemfontein is certainly not an attractive town. It is nicknamed ‘The City of Roses’, and hosts the annual rose festival. All the streets are covered in flowers all year round. So of course the best time to visit would be in the spring!

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