Gariep Dam

The Gariep Dam borders the Free State and the Eastern Cape. The Gariep Dams main purpose is for irrigation, domestic, industrial and power generation. The Gariep Dam Bridge is an architectural wonder, and a must see/drive over. The Dam itself is about 370 square kilometers when full, so you can imagine how big the wall is. The wall is 88 meters high and has a length of 914 meters. In the wall there is 1.73 million meters cubed of concrete. When the dam is full it has a storage capacity of 5 340 000 megalitres.

The Gariep Dam is the biggest storage reservoir in South Africa. When the Dam is full the hydroelectric power stations hold a 90 MW generator. Giving the maximum output of 360 MW of electricity at a water flow rate of 800 cubic meters by second. Now that is some serious power! Go take a drive along the Gariep Dam Wall, for an experience that you kids will never forget!

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