Skydive Bloem

Bloemfontein Parachurte Club

Tempe Airfield

Offering two methods to experience the thrill of skydiving, viz Introductory Tandem jumping or Static Line Progression, usually jumping on Saturdays only,

but sometimes carry over to Sundays for large groups.

Course commences on Friday evening, resuming and concluding on Saturday morning, where after you jump on your own, but under assisted supervision of a qualified jumpmaster, from approximately one kilometre above ground, by means of a static line connected to the aircraft to deploy your parachute. You will fly down to a soft landing at the designated landing zone.

After a few minutes ground training you are strapped into a harness with a Tandem instructor. Jump from up to 3 kilometres above ground and free fall for up to 30 seconds. The instructor will deploy the parachute and you will fly down the last kilometre-and-a-half or so with him (still safely strapped in) to do a soft landing


Tempe Aerodrome

29°01'59.1"S 26°09'47.9"E

-29.033089, 26.163318