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The ostrich

About the ostriches ...

# The ostrich is the largest living bird on earth and when fully grown, it weighs over 120kg.

# Ostriches have great vision and because of their strong legs can run at 70 km per hour.

# Ostriches can live to be 40 years old or more.

# By the time ostriches are a year old, they will have reached their full height.

Cango Caves

The principal cave is one of the country's finest, best known, and most popular tourist caves and attracts many visitors from overseas

Ostrich Farm

Guided safari tours, a gift shop & cafe. You can visit Highgate Ostrich Show Farm or Safari Ostrich Farm for the best ostrich safaris.

Cango Wildlife Ranch

Offering guided tours which are fundamental in their education programs, they give each species their voice, and enlightening the public on animal and environmental issues.

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Kurger Park

Garden Route