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Birds of Eden is the world largest single dome free flight aviary hosting over 200 species and nearly 3500 birds. Visitors have the option of going on a self-guided tour through our 3-hectare aviary on our specially build 1.2km boardwalks or requesting a guide to walk them through the aviary and telling them all about the different birds.

Birds of Eden is home to about 220 different types of birds, and more than 3500 birds live in the sanctuary. Our award winning bird sanctuary provides a forever home where previously caged birds can live a life of free-flight in a habitat as large and natural as is possible. The feathered inhabitants of the aviary are comprised of a mixture of exotic, as well as African birds. This includes previously caged pets, hand reared and imprinted individuals, which in turn explains why some of our inhabitants, mainly being the parrots, (of which we have 60 different species) are unafraid of human beings and seemingly tame. All new arrivals at Birds of Eden go through a process of rehabilitation before their final release into the main aviary. Most of the birds that arrive at Birds of Eden have a history of being caged in small environments. Many of the birds we home have never encountered other birds. Therefor the main rehabilitation process involves socialization with other birds in large outdoor pre-release aviaries. Here they are given the chance to build up flight muscles, flight control, i.e. practicing landings, change of direction etc. The rest of the release process is based on instinct and it is rather remarkable - all the birds instinctively know which area of the aviary suits their needs, how and where to look for, and find food, water and shelter from the weather. Species recognition is generally immediate, for e.g. when a new Ringneck is released into the aviary, all the other Ringnecks gather to have a look at the newcomer! Releasing new birds into the main aviary immediately without them going through rehabilitation would be tantamount to running a marathon without any training. The winning factor of Birds of Eden has to be its sheer size. The volume particularly, allows for the creation of habitat niches for the large variety of species that find sanctuary here. Please note: We have a strict no-touch policy at our bird sanctuary. Look, photograph, video, but please don’t touch. #HandsOffOurWildlife #animalrightsintourism


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Go on a self guided tour through Birds of Eden or request a guided tour at no extra cost.

Location: South Africa / Western Cape / Garden Route / Plettenberg Bay / The Crags

Portion 11 and 12 of Kirbywood Farm, Monkeyland Road, Animal Alley, The Crags

GPS: 33°57'52.0"S 23°29'01.6"E (-33.964434, 23.483778)

What must we bring?

Comfortable Walking Shoes.

Whats included?

Entry to the aviary.

How fit do I need to be?

Suitable for all fitness levels

What skills do I need?



No less than 45 minutes but on average people spend 1h30 to 2hours in the aviary.

Need something in the water? Enjoy the knysna lagoon!

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